Approval of technical specialist translations

Translation approval - Translations

If translations delivered to you are subject to your own quality checks, we offer you the possibility to carry out these checks online before delivery.

Translation approval and checking by customers

Using our special software, ‘PTS Translation Approval’, you or your revisor can directly log on to our server and open and check the respective files.

  • The text is displayed in the target language.
  • When you click on a sentence, the source text will be displayed at the same time.
  • Each sentence can be annotated or edited.

In this way your expert knowledge is integrated into all future technical specialist translations.

Translation approval optimises the quality of technical specialist translations

The check can also be carried out by several persons. Sales partners and overseas branches are thus integrated into the translation management.

All corrections and comments made are incorporated into the current text and all future projects. In the long run this reduces the amount of checking that you have to do and increases the quality of the translations.

Translation approval after technical checking by experts

All entries and changes can be traced thanks to our optimally structured database. It is sufficient when checking to make selective changes, which can then be transferred to the entire text.

With this concept we integrate the specialist knowledge of your experts into our translation process.

Things worth knowing about the PTS translation method