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Specialist translations - Translations

Good specialist translations are supported by three knowledge pillars:

  • Linguistic knowledge:   translations by native speakers with specialist knowledge
  • Specialist knowledge:   100% checking by engineers
  • Company knowledge:   customer-specific terminology database

None of these pillars can be dispensed with if a top-quality specialist translation is to be obtained.

Knowledge of the language alone is not sufficient to translate technical texts. Our working method is based on the combination of linguistic expertise and extensive specialist knowledge.

Specialist translation requires technical linguistic knowledge

We look for an appropriate specialised translator to handle your text, according to its particular field. Naturally we select only translators who speak the target language of your text as their native language in addition to having a sound education and many years of experience.

Specialist translation only with sound specialist knowledge

For a correct specialist translation it is essential that the technical content is understood and that the translator has a sound basic knowledge of the particular field in question. Correct interpretation of the texts often requires qualified engineering-level know-how with experience in the area of application concerned.

Therefore it is obvious that this work has to be carried out by a team. That means 100 percent checking of the technical specialist translation by an engineer who has the required know-how in the particular field and is responsible for quality.

Optimisation of specialist translations through company knowledge

The use of modern technology allows sentences that have already been checked to be re-used, and permits management of your specialist terminology in order to achieve consistent translations. You have the possibility at any time to correct and update text data – so your specialist translations are always up to date.

Your terminology specifications, comments and corrections are recorded in our databases and your expert knowledge is incorporated into all future specialist translations. This guarantees top translation quality and your text appears in a uniform and correct company language.

Things worth knowing about the PTS translation method