Our Team

What would PTS be without its motivated and capable employees, most of whom have worked for the company for a long time!

Over the years our employees have moulded themselves into a well-versed team in which each member takes responsibility for the various work processes in order to execute satisfactory translation projects for our customers.

Franz-Josef Georges - Team

Franz-Josef Georges

Dipl.-Ing. Power Engineering
Company founder
Nico Kohnen - Team

Nico Kohnen

Production planning, proofreading
Industrial Engineer
with PTS since 1997
Danny Milcher - Team

Danny Milcher

Terminology management, proofreading
Industrial Engineer
with PTS since 2000
Chantal Reuter - Team

Chantal Reuter

Customer relation, quotations, invoicing, order preparation
with PTS since 2001
Christian Burnon - Team

Christian Burnon

Translation > French
MA Germanic Languages & Literature
with PTS since 2002
Stéphane Heuschen - Team

Stéphane Heuschen

Industrial Engineer
with PTS since 2004
Ines Rosenberg - Team

Ines Rosenberg

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering
with PTS since 2004
Franz Rauw - Team

Franz Rauw

Quotations, order preparation, translation imports
with PTS since 2004
Nadia Vranken - Team

Nadia Vranken

Information technology
BSc Business Informatics
with PTS since 2005
Katharina Halmes - Team

Katharina Halmes

Customer relation, quotations, order preparation, order delivery
with PTS since 2007
Maria Georges - Team

Maria Georges

Quotations, invoicing, data management
with PTS since 2007
Christophe Keller - Team

Christophe Keller

Information technology
Industrial Engineer
with PTS since 2009
Margaux Jousten - Team

Margaux Jousten

Translation > French, Customer relation
MA Translation (DE/EN > FR)
with PTS since 2017
Torsten Jabs - Team

Torsten Jabs

Sales & Marketing
Business Administration
with PTS since 2020
Nadin Engels - Team

Nadin Engels

Sales & Marketing
with PTS since 2020

Annette Flotwell

With PTS since 2021