Quality assurance of specialist translations by engineers

Quality assurance - Translations

Much more than linguistic knowledge is required in order to ensure the quality of a technical specialist translation. The combination of linguistic qualification and specialist knowledge is the basis of our working method. We translate as a team.

Quality ensured by specialist translators

Depending on the specialist field we select a suitable technical translator, who is naturally a native speaker of the target language of the translation text.

Relevant experience and a sound qualification are the basic prerequisites on which we base our selection in order to ensure the quality of every technical specialist translation.

Quality checking by technically competent engineers

Once the translation has been done, the whole of the text is checked by an engineer. If corrections prove to be necessary during this quality check, these are done in consultation with the mother-tongue translator.

This allows us to assess and classify the abilities of the translators and to deliver technically precise and high-quality translations to our customers at all times.

This quality assurance is extremely important, since even the smallest deviations from critical descriptions and instructions can lead to considerable consequences.

Optimisation of quality in co-operation with customers

The engineer is the translator's contact for the clarification of any uncertainties in your text. If the contents of the text are ambiguous, the engineer will contact you or your experts directly in order to solve the problem at expert level.

Things worth knowing about the PTS translation method