Technical translations in many specialist areas

Specialist areas - Translations

We specialise in the translation of technical texts and documents. For that reason we consider it to be of vital importance that our experienced technical translators not only have the linguistic expertise, but also the necessary technical expertise.

A selection of our specialist areas for technical translations

  • Drive and control technology
  • Mechanics (general)
  • Automation engineering (PLC)
  • Building and construction
  • Physics
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Computers (hardware and software)
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Plastics technology
  • Solar technology
  • Chemistry
  • Contracts

We do not translate texts from the following fields: medicine, pharmaceutics, and patents.

Our translation services are concentrated on those technical special areas in which we have the relevant expertise and many years of experience.

Checking of the specialist translations by engineers

The technical translations are thoroughly checked by our technically competent engineers. Was the source text understood correctly and was it then translated precisely and appropriately into the target language?

Just the smallest deviations in decisive regulations and processes can have enormous consequences.

Our engineers’ technical background knowledge coupled with extensive research possibilities guarantees the correct reflection of the source text in the respective specialist areas.

Management of the terminology from various specialist areas

As part of this comprehensive specialist checking, your company's own terminology is systematically incorporated into the web-based terminology database, where it is available at all times and can be retrieved for future technical specialist translations.

Things worth knowing about the PTS translation method