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Wir sind absolut zufrieden mit Ihrer professionellen und SEHR schnellen Übersetzung, was uns in unseren osteuropäischen Projekten sehr wichtig ist. Deswegen kommte ein anderes Übersetzungsbüro für uns nicht in Frage.
Mitarbeiter der Auftragsabwicklung einer Firma im Bereich Industriebau, D
Customer since 2009

PTS Programming & Translating Service

With 30 years of experience and over 3,000 translation orders per year, we are well acquainted with the problems involved in the translation of technical texts.

Our working method according to the 3-column concept guarantees very good translations at fair prices. Our concept is far superior to the much sought-after standard ‘translation services according to BS EN 15038 / BS EN ISO 17100’.


PTS Team

Worth knowing


Over the last few decades, the translation industry has seen numerous technological advances. While computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and translation memories are now available to professionals to increase their productivity, they are also facing a new major challenge: machine translation.
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Correct translation of operating instructions

No doubt you will have read an incomprehensible instruction manual at some time or other. In order to avoid this and to guarantee the linguistic and technical quality of your translation, several things have to be observed.
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