Terminology in technical translations

Terminology - Translations

Major internationally operative companies have long since recognised the necessity for a central terminology management and have been using such systems for several years.

The more employees that use the central terminology database, the greater the synergy and the benefits for the company.

Terminology in translation and checking

When checking translations, our engineers attach great importance to the correct terminology, which is sometimes very time-consuming to research. We create a web-based terminology database for each customer and extend it with each order.

As the customer, you or your colleagues have the possibility to access this database online and to participate in the management of the data.

You do not need any additional infrastructure or specially trained personnel in order to benefit from all of the advantages of a central terminology database.

Central web-based terminology management

All of your employees can use this terminology without restriction. You can enter and amend terminology yourself, while we pay attention to the data consistency.

The system is structured in such a way that data cannot be destroyed by your entries. Hence, all of your employees can extract the maximum benefit from the central terminology database and integrate their specialist knowledge into the database without risk.

Your collaboration enables the uniform translation of your technical texts with the consistent use of your company language.

Terminology management at PTS translations

  • With each translation we acquire and document your terminology free of charge.
  • Existing terminology lists can be imported into the system.
  • The entire terminology database always remains your property and can be exported from the system at any time as an Excel file.

Everyone involved benefits from this company-spanning synergy - including your customers!

The Internet-based terminology management is an extremely important component of our 3-pillar concept for specialist translations.

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