How we Calculate the Price of our Technical Translations

How much does a good specialist translation cost?
Regular customers enjoy considerable advantages!
Translations of tables and ‘difficult’ texts.
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How do you calculate the price for a technical specialist translation?

We calculate per line. A line consists of 50 characters in the target language (with Asiatic languages the corresponding German or English target text will be used for determining the number of lines).

When calculating the price we do not count double spaces, automatically created tables of contents, number tables, text not to be translated, etc.

We offer the creation of layouts in the most diverse file formats as an option if necessary.

How much does a technical specialist translation cost?

Our prices depend on the language combination and are given as the price per line in the target language. The price per line is based on lines with 50 characters incl. punctuation marks and spaces.

Double spaces, automatically generated tables of contents, tables of numbers, text that is not to be translated and so forth are not included in the line count.

No rush job supplement

We do not charge a supplement for rush jobs.

Do you have a minimum charge?

For small jobs we apply a minimum charge of 30 lines for each language combination and order.

How do you calculate a table containing technical concepts?

When translating individual concepts, three concepts are counted as two lines.

Note here that a concept doesn’t necessarily always consist of one word; very often it’s a combination of several words.

Are there any advantages for regular customers?

Cost reductions for repetitive translations

Texts are often based on other or older versions. For instance, new user instructions are often created based on the already existing ones. It also often happens that text sections or sentences are repeated within the text or instructions.

All texts translated by us are placed in a customer-specific database, which means they can be used automatically for any future projects.

Repeated text or sentences therefore only need to be translated and checked once and can be used afterwards as often as required.

This represents a considerable savings potential, the majority of which is passed onto our customers. We only calculate a fixed rate for the reusable translation part of the texts in case there is a significant amount of repetition.

This enables cost reductions of up to 70 % compared to a new translation.

Discounts for regular customers

Both parties benefit if we frequently work for the same customer.

  • We learn more about the customer’s products with every order.
  • The specialist terminology used is repeated.
  • Productivity increases with every order.
  • Our customer-specific terminology database becomes more and more extensive and mature over the course of time.
  • The customer benefits from a constant language style.

We grant regular customers a discount on the basis of our price list, so that you do not lose this advantage when you order a new translation.

Classification as a regular customer depends on your previous year's turnover or, if more favourable, your accumulated turnover from the current year.

Do you calculate according to the source or the target language?

We calculate on the basis of the source language.

What do you charge for repetitions?

Repetitions are free of charge.

Texts for which previous translations can be re-used, are not charged for as new translations; instead, a processing charge of € 0.40/line is applied.

We determine the number of repetitions and already existing texts through analysis using Trados, our translation memory software.

How do you calculate specialist translations of ‘difficult’ texts?

No supplement for difficult texts!

As a matter of principle, we do not apply a difficulty supplement.

The assessment of the difficulty of a text that is to be translated is purely subjective. Some texts, of course, call for more comprehensive and time-consuming terminology research than others.

Since our prices are based on a mixed calculation, this work is already included in the price.

  • If a translator classifies a text as ‘difficult’, we assume that the job is too much for him.
  • If we have ‘difficulties’ with a text, we inform our customers and search for a solution together.

A translation that is found to be ‘difficult’ certainly will not reach the level of quality for which we strive. We therefore see it as unreasonable to charge a supplement in such cases.

Payment terms and payment methods

You can find our payment terms and payment methods here.

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