PTS GmbH is now a Certified SCHEMA ST4 Translation Service Provider

SCHEMA ST4 logo - PTS GmbH is now a Certified SCHEMA ST4 Translation Service Provider
In December 2019 we visited the training course in Nuremberg to become a certified translation service provider for the SCHEMA ST4 editorial system. PTS GmbH is now an officially certified translation service provider for SCHEMA ST4.
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What is SCHEMA ST4?

SCHEMA ST4 is a professional Content Management System that is used by an ever increasing number of companies to create technical documentation.

It supports users in the creation, management and publication of multilingual product documentation (manuals, instructions, catalogues, online help and so on).

SCHEMA ST4 is an XML-based editorial system that separates the layout from the text contents. In technical documentation this is very useful for the reuse of text fragments as well as for the management of languages and versions.

SCHEMA ST4 is used in the most diverse areas, e.g. in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering and plant construction, in the pharmaceuticals sector and so on.

One of the great advantages of this system is the extensive optimisation of the translation process, which reduces costs.


Certificate confirming PTS GmbH as a certified translation service provider for the SCHEMA ST4 editorial system.

What did the training consist of and how do you benefit from this certification as a PTS customer?

The "translation management" training explains the various steps of the translation process, i.e.:

  1. The correct choice of text fragments
  2. The export of the text contents for the translation
  3. The subsequent import of the translation into SCHEMA ST4

In these various work steps, we were given an explanation of the ST4 functions that at the same time also provide us with an overview of the status of the individual work steps.

For us as a translation service provider it is of course important to know which export formats are possible for the translation process and how the connection to translation memory systems such as SDL Trados takes place.

This CMS was familiar to us as several of our customers already use SCHEMA ST4. However, the training also provided us with information on possible problems that could occur both on the editorial side and on the translator's side. There was also an explanation of how such problems can be analysed and remedied more quickly.

In summary, one can say that the training is very informative for technical editors and translation service providers. The complete translation process with SCHEMA ST4 becomes very understandable. The training is rounded off by discussions with other participants about difficulties and experience as well as the pointing out of solutions.

How are SCHEMA ST4 texts translated at PTS?

Translation enquiry

In SCHEMA ST4, the customer exports the contents to be translated as an XML file (Trados TMS interface) and sends them to PTS.

This document then passes through the following translation process at PTS:


  • The XML file is checked by PTS for customer-defined elements so that they are correctly translated or protected in the translation process.
  • If necessary, formatting work is also done in order to correctly translate text passages (e.g. soft line breaks, abbreviations, etc.).

Preparation of a quotation

  • The text passages are extracted from the XML document and imported into the PTS translation system.
  • The document is examined for new text, repetitions in the file and repetitions in the customer-specific database (translation memory).
  • The quotation is prepared and sent to the costumer on the basis of the new text to be translated and the repetitions.

Order execution

Once the customer has placed an order, the actual translation steps take place:

  • Translation: The text is translated by a translator whose native language is the target language.
  • Checking: Following translation, the translated text is checked again and if necessary improved by a specialised engineer.
  • Optional: Checking by a reviewer: The reviewer can check and change the translated text once again with the PTS translation approval tool prior to the final delivery. These changes are incorporated into the delivery file and archived in the PTS database for subsequent translations.


For the actual delivery, the texts are extracted from the PTS translation system and converted back into the original format (XML). The XML file is subjected to an ST4 validation so that it can be imported without problems into SCHEMA ST4.

Subsequently, the translated document is sent back to the customer by email.

Thanks to our mature translation process, we are able to offer our customers high-quality translations.


PTS GmbH is pleased to be recognised as a certified SCHEMA ST4 translation service provider. Thanks to this partnership, we can offer you top-quality translations for the SCHEMA ST4 editorial system.

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