PTS GmbH translations certified by the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label

PTS - Made in Luxemburg - PTS GmbH translations certified by the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label
The high quality of our translations is guaranteed by the fact that our in-house engineers check their technical accuracy. When it comes to translating technical texts, linguistic knowledge alone is not enough. Indeed, it also requires solid technical knowledge, which our engineers have acquired through their education and professional experience.
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Foundation of PTS GmbH

PTS GmbH was founded in the 1980s by Franz-Josef GEORGES, who had realised that the quality of translations of technical texts was often inadequate. He solved this problem by combining the linguistic skills of native translators with the technical skills of professional engineers. From the outset, the results were conclusive, making PTS one of the few translation service providers with a team in which almost half the staff are engineers.

In-house software department

PTS complies with very high quality standards. For the first twenty years, translation service providers used standard tools such as terminology management and translation memories, but it later became clear that these no longer met the growing demands for quality. This led to the creation of an in-house software department in 2006, which has enabled PTS to produce its own tools ever since. Although we keep a close eye on developments in standard tools, we also rely on our own expertise to guarantee quality.


PTS has been based in Luxembourg since the early 2000s, and its translations are now certified by the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label. This trademark has been registered since 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts. Its aim is to promote the products and services of companies established in the Grand Duchy, thereby highlighting Luxembourg’s origin as well as the precision, know-how and innovation that characterise the national economy. This label is designed both to inform Luxembourg consumers about local products and to raise the profile of these national products abroad.

Thanks to its reputation for quality and excellence, the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label is sought after and respected all over the world. It offers international recognition and strengthens consumer confidence. In a world where the origin of products is increasingly important to consumers, the Luxembourgish Label of Origin represents much more than a simple geographical indication: it is a guarantee of quality, reliability and excellence. Luxembourg companies are subject to rigorous regulations and are often recognised for their commitment to excellence.

PTS certification also involves rigorous coordination and control of the technical accuracy of translations by our in-house engineers, in our core languages – i.e. German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, our company offers an (almost) unique concept for technical translations. We attach great importance to very high quality and are constantly investing in improving our services – e.g. with the in-house development of software tools and the ongoing optimisation of our work processes. Our long-standing regular customers are convinced of the quality of our services. This brand image and our working attitude are fully in line with the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label.


In conclusion, the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label is much more than a simple indication of origin. It is a guarantee of quality, innovation and expertise that distinguishes the products and services manufactured in this small country at the heart of Europe. Whether in traditional industries or emerging sectors, Luxembourg continues to stand out as a source of top-quality products, enhanced by a label that stands for excellence.

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