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What is PDF?

The abbreviation PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. This file format was developed by the Adobe company and is mainly used for text representation. Apart from the contents, a PDF file contains all the information for the layout and format of a text. Therefore this file is always displayed just as it was created in its original form.

What does formatting work mean?

In formatting work the line length, the page breaks, the character sets used and so forth are edited or set.

With which formats can you work?

You can find the file formats we support here.

Can I send you my document electronically?

You can send us your document electronically to our e-mail address: .

How can I send larger documents?

You can upload larger documents via our website.

Which translation memories (TMs) do you use?

The translation memory system (TM system or TMS) that we use is SDL Trados.

The terminology management system that we use is our own, self-developed PTS terminology management system.

What distinguishes you?

What quality measures do you have?

Our working method – described above – guarantees an optimum quality level for your technical specialist translation.

What level of education do your technical translators have?

Our translators, all native speakers, are qualified translators with technical knowledge, very often also with additional training as an engineer.

What level of education do your engineers have?

Our engineers are trained engineering graduates with a university degree and have also attended language training courses.

Are you ISO-certified?

You can read why we are NOT registered or certified according to BS EN 15038 / BS EN ISO 17100 here ...

How do you deal with old operating instructions?

New operating instructions are often based on a previous version, which has already been translated and approved some time before. It may be the case that only a small part of your file needs to be translated, since the vast majority of the text already exists.

By analysing the new text we can determine how much of the old translation can be re-used. Experience has shown that considerable savings can be made!

All existing translations are adopted (almost) automatically into the text and only the missing passages in the text are translated as new translations. Nevertheless, our engineers check the ‘old’ text before it is incorporated into the new file.

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