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Terminology management and specialist checking of translations.
Your contribution to the maintenance of correct company language and ‘Corporate Identity’.
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What is terminology?

Terminology means the entirety of specialist vocabulary.

How do you manage your customers’ terminology?

We create a web-based terminology database for each customer and extend it with each order. The customer can access this database online and is able in this way to actively participate in the data management.

The advantage for you as the customer is that, thanks to the terminology management, we always use the same translation tailored to you for the same concept.

You do not need any additional infrastructure or specially trained personnel in order to benefit from all of the advantages of a central terminology database.

All of your employees can use this terminology without restriction: they can enter and also modify terminology themselves. Our task is to take care of the data consistency.

Who carries out the proofreading of the specialist translations?

The proofreading of the technical specialist translations is carried out by our engineers, who have the necessary specialist knowledge and attach great importance to correct terminology. This specialist check guarantees a high-quality translation.

How do I obtain the maximum coherence with the source text?

Using our ‘PTS Translation Approval’ software you can log in directly to our server and open and check the files concerned.

  • The text is displayed in the target language.
  • When you click on a sentence, the source text will be displayed at the same time.
  • Each sentence can be annotated or edited.

The check can also be carried out by different persons. All entries and changes remain traceable. It is sufficient when checking to make selective changes, so that these can then be transferred to the entire text.

All changes and notes are incorporated into the current text and also into all future translations.

In the long run this reduces the amount of checking that you have to do and increases the quality of the translations.

With this concept the specialist knowledge of your experts is integrated into our translation process. This guarantees a uniform and correct company language – an essential component of your ‘Corporate Identity’.

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